Time:October 31st 17:00 p.m.

  地點:梅賽德斯-賓士 中國國際時裝周 中央大廳

  Location:Mercedes-Benz China Fashion Week Central Hall


  Event:Suzhou Wedding Dress Design Brand – DENNIS’ New Release Conference


  Theme:A Decade


  DENNIS’debut of "Mercedes - China International Fashion Week", demonstratedthe brand’s ten years of sedimentary accretion, ten years of experience, tenyears of exquisite carving happiness. It combines the brand's unique factor ofhumanity with pure handmade skills. Lace lively intertwines nail beads, embroiderypenetrates the delicate soft silk, the heart-beating resonance of happinessvividly revealed on the emerging wedding dresses.


  DENNISholds “360°full customization” as its exclusive philosophy, the brandestablished in early 2006 along the Suzhou River. Ms Buyan Huang, the generalmanager, ingeniously fused the unique soft and aesthetic features from regionsin the south of the Yangtze River with natural gorgeous visual effects ofwestern wedding dress.


  Inthe DENNIS wedding dress series, Western-style elegance and oriental tasteintegrated into harmonious counterbalance.


  Tenyears of practice in the process of grinding sword, DENNIS has been able to useits fabrics, tailoring, design ideas and details of the decoration to fullyshow the customer-oriented warm heart humanistic sensibility, andbrought them together in this memorial "Decade" stage as a summary.With profound knowledge of the tension and emotional thickness of the work,salute to the time honed craftsmanship.


  Adecade, a symbol of success, an implication of happiness.


  Inthe DENNIS new release series, the theme of this decade has been particularlyvividly and imaginatively displayed and presented: lush and green bambooleaves, intense colored wealthy flowers,

  selectedsilk and fine Chinese-style embroidery, handcraft laces and exotic stylefingering beads......


  Withgorgeous and enlivened colors of the great nature, created a picturesque sceneof blossom time, just like in the cloistered Peach Colony— there werebamboos and mulberries with fine fields and valley, the old men andchildren appeared very happy and contented.


  DENNIShas its proficiency in portraying the "happiness" implicated by thepieces of well-designed wedding dress.


  Inaddition to delivering "happiness" for a decade, DENNIS’ designerteam also specialized the brand’s logo. Through perspective overlapping of theformer and later “D” letters and three-dimensions effects, created a visually"door" experience. Perfectly combined the Chinese paper-cut windowdecoration with European architectural style, once again presented the brand'sunique creativity and modeling capabilities.


  Itsdeep foundation of " 360° full customization " exactly increasinglysophisticated in this repeated detail-refined customization standard, and thisfoundation has been continuously inspired the vitality of the creative design.


  Adecade is a summary, but also is a new beginning.


  Fromthe brand’s rise to fame in Suzhou City to the trend of massive internationalorder of the global popularity, and finally showing up on the ChinaInternational Fashion Week stage, DENNIS experienced the concerted efforts ofthe early stage, struggled through the difficult transformation of growing up,and finally at the end of 2016 – at the tail of ten-year hard-working the brandseized the critical moment of transformation and upgrading: In addition tointernational wedding dress design and business management, creative weddingaesthetics and real wearing experience, what will continue to plump the brand’sdedication of “happiness” is more personalized service philosophy andrelentless pursuit of enjoying different lifestyle in customized services.


  Thebrand new DENNIS will bring customers more exclusive inspiration of"beauty" and "love", then spread this kind of inspirationto every corner in the world, and let every bride be spokeswoman of“happiness”!